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Social Security Disability

Efficient, Compassionate And Committed Representation

I represent individuals throughout Southern California regarding Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims at every level of the process — from initial application to filing requests for hearing before an Administrative Law Judge in the Social Security Administration Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). My office is conveniently located in San Marino, adjacent to Pasadena.

My mission, first and foremost, is to act as an effective and committed advocate for my clients. I know that each client’s situation is unique and handle every case with sensitivity and responsiveness.

I also understand that the process of seeking benefits can be intimidating, so I am committed to guiding and communicating with clients through every step, no matter how simple or complex, with efficiency and compassion.

In every case, my goal is to help the client obtain the benefits he or she deserves.

How We Can Help You

From the earliest stages of my clients’ cases, I identify and clarify the issues to the Social Security Administration (SSA). I review and help complete forms that are sent to our clients by the Adjudicator in connection with both applications and appeals. This is important because these forms are often used to discredit the claimant’s statements and testimony. The right answers and responses early in the process can help to avoid later problems, as well as directing SSA to the proper issues in a claimant’s case.

I will carefully and diligently review your case to determine what additional evidence is needed. This involves obtaining the medical opinions and relevant records from your doctors as they relate to specific points crucial to establishing your disability. I will monitor the progress of your case while it is pending before SSA. I attempt to keep your case on track and moving toward a favorable decision by maintaining constant contact with the SSA.

At all levels of your case, I will present written arguments supporting your claim. I will prepare you and tell you want to expect at your hearing. I will also discuss the claims process with you and explain what the Judge assigned to your case will be looking for.

As an attorney who worked for nearly seven years with the Social Security Administration,
I believe I am well equipped to deal with the lengthy and often complex and confusing process of applying for benefits.  I serve as an advocate for clients during hearings and counteract the often complex and hostile testimony of SSA’s medical and vocational witnesses.

I offer a complimentary consultation to evaluate your application for Social Security disability benefits and personalized attention to the cases of clients I accept.  Please contact me regarding your claim for Social Security disability benefits.